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MDSI’s Physicians and Nurses are expert providers of Medical Oversight Solutions for the Maritime.

DEA Compliant Controlled Substance Program

MDSI Controlled Substance Program will assist maritime vessel owners assure the availability of controlled medications necessary for the provision of optimal medical care at sea. The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has specific requirements for the acquisition, storage and use of controlled substances on ocean vessels in Title 21 CFR Part 1301.25, security requirements contained in Title 21 CFR Part 1301.75 and destruction as described in 21 CFR 1307.21. MDSI works closely with your vessel management, ship medical and deck officers, maritime pharmaceutical providers and reverse distribution vendors for destruction of controlled substances.

Benefits of MDSI Controlled Substance Program includes:

  • Development of a client specific Controlled Medication Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • Annual Vessel Medical Chest Certificates to post on your vessels.
  • Acquisition and maintenance of DEA Licensure at client’s address or MDSI Corporate Headquarters.
  • Development of a custom medical supply, pharmaceutical and controlled substance formulary meeting international standards appropriate for your vessel and fleet.
  •  Assistance with Preparation and Maintenance of vessel and Annual Fleet Controlled Inventory Log to meet DEA standards.
  • Review of vessel controlled substance  requisitions with physician directed modification and approval based on your formulary.
  • Assistance maintaining familiarity and compliance with applicable federal and state regulations.
  • Consultations by your Fleet Medical Officer for quality assurance, compliance and regulatory needs.

Medical Director for your Fleet

MDSI provides enhanced Fleet Medical Officer services beyond oversight for controlled medication programs including:

  • Consultation on vessel medical kit inventory.
  • Maritime and Occupational Medical claims and disability review.
  • Fitness for duty and modified duty determinations.
  • Physician and Nurse Case review of maritime claims.
  • Participation in officer meetings to address medical topics.
  • USCG medical qualifications review of professional mariners licensure and appeal documents.

Cost Containment and Utilization Review

MDSI provides the following to insure medical charges for crew are within accepted limits and at minimal costs. Components may include:

Maritime Nurse Case Management:

  • Arranging follow-up appointments for crew and employees.
  • Management of ill and injured crew and employees to reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) as soon as possible and encourage timely and early return to work.
  • Medical Improvement (MMI) as soon as possible and encourage timely and early return to work.
  • Physician oversight of cases when there is a high value event or risk for litigation.
  • Bill review and adjustment.
  • Bill payment services.

Fit for Duty Reviews

Building on the experience gained during Dr. Jarris’ service with the USCG at the National Maritime Center (NMC), MDSI provides licensed mariners with a thorough pre-review of 719K forms prior to submission to the NMC. MDSI is effective at anticipating problems that may occur during the review. We assist the mariner in preparing documentation for submission to the NMC as well as arranging specialty consultations and educating medical practitioners of the uniqueness of work at sea and the medical expectations of the NMC.

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