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MDSI’s physician driven online respirator clearance platform is designed to increase provide rapid medical assessments with minimal disruption to the employee and employer. Developed by physicians with years of respirator clearance experience, the expanded questionnaire contains all of the questions required by OSHA as well as additional logic-based questions that help to accurately assess a positive response.

The Process

MDSI’s physician directed staff will review your respiratory protection plan and job descriptions of employees required to wear a respirator. Based upon several factors including type of respirator, work hazards and environment, and exertion level, a profile is established for each category of employee.
Employees are then registered in the system and assigned to a specific profile. Once assigned to a profile, the employee is e-mailed a link to their questionnaire or provided with a username and password to access the survey via the Internet.
Most healthy employees are immediately cleared through the online screening process. When a medical issue is identified, an MDSI physician to determine what additional review reviews the questionnaire or evaluation is needed. In many cases, the physician is able to clear the employee with a telephone conversation or by obtaining documentation from the employee’s personal physician. If additional evaluation or testing is needed, the physician will provide the employee with a specific course of action including a letter to be provided to the employee’s physician. The cost of additional testing or exams is the employer’s responsibility.
Once an employee is cleared, they are provided with an electronic certificate of clearance and the company administrator is notified.


  • Employees complete the questionnaire without leaving the worksite.
  • Most employees complete the questionnaire and receive their clearance in less than 30 minutes.
  • Administrator tracking reports display completed online questionnaires and their status in the process.
  • Clearance certificates provided electronically to the program Administrator.
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